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Today our article is about AED, in which we are going to tell you about AED Full Form and what is AED, many people are not aware about it, so today to give information about it to everyone This article of ours has been written, in this article, we are going to tell you the complete information about AED, you should read our complete article so that you can get information about it.

aed full form

We all often hear many words, most of them do not know about the words, AED is also a similar word because we often hear or read about it, but most people do not know. What is AED Full Form and how does it work, then in today’s article we will tell you related information

We have seen many people who do not know about AED and often people keep asking us many different questions about it, so we are writing this article today so that you have complete information about AED. You can tell with details what it is and what is AED Full Form and how it works.

AED Full Form

First of all, we are telling you about the full name of AED in this article.

AED Full Form –  automated external defibrillator

Many people did not know about it because everybody often knows it by the name of the AED word only.

What is AED?

It is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac of ventricular fibrillation known as VF and pulseless ventricular tachycardia and is also capable of treating via defibrillation. That turns off power applications and allows the heart to re-establish the effective rhythm.

With simple audio and visual commands, it has been made very simple to use Lepersen. And it is used in most first aid, certified primary response, and basic life support and CPR classes.

The portable version in the defibrillator was first invented by Frank Pentridge in Belfast, Frank Ireland in the 1960s.

How to use AED.

Now we are telling you about its use, how you can use it and if during SCA the heart suddenly stops. So in 90% of the cases, the heart goes into a fatal form. Which is called ventricular fibrillation.

The only way to correct a condition like ventricular fibrillation is to provide an electric shock to the heart and to provide access to the AED defibrillator to the public, and to use it for people of any age and people with any medical training. Can be done by

AED training is also conducted in CPR or first aid certificate classes and CPR renewal classes etc.

About AED

Its father, a professor of Case Western Reserve University, is believed to have first used it in 1947 using electric shock ie AED to restore a normal rhythm in the heart of a 14-year-old boy.

At the same time, Professor John Anderson was first credited with making a portable defibrillator. Because it is charged through the car and its weight was also up to 110 pound

Facts about AED

We are telling you some facts related to it, which many people are not aware of.

  1. It is very easy to use.
  2. It can also be used easily on infants and children or adults.
  3. Using an AED within three minutes of SCA can increase survival rates by more than 90%.
  4. There are more than 3,38,000 cardiac arrests every year in hospitals etc.
  5. Only 8% of those suffering from cardiac arrest hospital are left.
  6. The only way to prevent VF is by defibrillator.
  7. As many AEDs are used in AEDs. This is more likely to work.

What is an AED Certificate

Now we will talk about its certificate. AED Certificate is an optional component offered when obtaining CPR and First Aid Certification and may become a requirement of AED training issued by new CPR Guidelines in 2015. AED and CPR certification has been completed for two different types of audience: healthcare providers and professional emergency responders.

How to use AED

It can also be used for adults or children or infants. Follow the indicated signs of AED and place the AED and the unit on electricity near the victim’s head.

There are 2 types of models, some models have a push button to start it, while some models are such that you have to lift the lid to start it.

1. Place the AED and the power on the unit near the victim. 

Some models require you to push a button to turn it on, while others turn on automatically when you lift the lid.

2. Apply another AED

Now you have to expose the patient’s chest and if there is any moisture on the chest then clean it with a dry cloth 

Second, apply the AED pad. Expose the chest and wipe it dry with any moisture. Apply the pad to the chest according to the pad.

You have to put one pad on the right side of the chest just below the collarbone and the other pad on the lower left side of the chest.

If the pad is not connected to the AED, then you first connect it to the AED

If you have 2 trained rescue teams then the first one gives CPR and second one has to prepare AED. Now put a pad on the four hands of the person giving the chest contraction and do not stop the CPR. AED gives you a hint to stop the CPR. The bar is ready to analyze the rhythm of the heart.

3. Clean the victim and shock

No one must touch the clothes etc. of the victim and AED analyzes or shocks them. And the other person prompts him to jerk off by AED.

The AED immediately recognizes that it detects the whole body and makes sure that no one touches it, after which it clearly says “Everyone is clear.”

After that, the rescuer can now push the shock button.

Calculation – We have tried to give you complete information in this article about what AED Full Form is and what AED is and how it works and what is its benefit. If you want to ask any questions related to this, you can comment on us and if you like the information, then share it on social media.

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