CPR Full Form and What is CPR and How to Give CPR .

Today we are telling you the information related to CPR in this article, often we all hear the name of CPR many times but about 75% people will not know what is CPR and what is CPR full form and how to give CPR So our article today is related to this so that you can get complete information about CPR, what it is and when it is used.

CPR Full Form

You may have seen many people in your vicinity or somewhere talking about CPR but many people may not know what the CPR Full Form is. Perhaps some people consider CPR as its full name but it is wrong because it There is only a sort form that we use in common parlance, you need to know about it and our present article has been written to tell you all the information related to CPR.

In common parlance, we often use many words, most of which we use short form, but many people do not know what is the full name of the sort form we use, we always use CPR Hear the names, but it is very important to know the CPR full form if you do not know the CPR, then you read our entire article today, this will help you understand all the information related to CPR.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that to give CPR, you must first give full training of it, after that when you become proficient in giving CPR, then you can give CPR and save a person’s life.

CPR Full Form

First of all, we are telling you about its full name, what is its full name.

CPR Full Form – Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation is

In such an emergency, if a person has trouble breathing, his life can be saved through CPR, it is always used in emergency and through this life of millions of people has been saved.

What is CPR?

As we told you, it is always used in an emergency when a person faints or a person stops beating or if a person cannot breathe, then used CPR to save that person’s life. Through CPR, oxygen is sent to that person’s lungs to save that person’s life.

In CPR, the patient is given oxygen to the person and the person’s chest is pressed until his / her heart becomes normal, thereby transmitting itself with oxygen already present in the body.

If a person’s breath or heartbeat is stopped, then in such circumstances, that person should give CPR as soon as the heart stops, due to the lack of oxygen in that person’s body, due to which his cells are very fast. It gets engaged and due to this reason that a person’s death can also be done, in such a way that a person’s life can be saved by giving him oxygen through CPR.

When is CPR given?

It is very important for you to know when CPR should be given so that the life of any person can be saved. If you have full knowledge of CPR then you can save the life of any person in an emergency. We are telling you about who may need CPR.

  1. Breathing Problems – If a person is having trouble breathing suddenly or has stopped breathing suddenly, then, in that case, the person may need to give CPR.
  2. Stopping the pulse – Sometimes suddenly the pulse of many people stops, due to which they do not remain conscious, we cannot get their pulse, in that case, that person may need CPR.
  3. Sudden fall – If a person suddenly falls at any place, you first see his pulse and give him CPR if needed.
  4. Sudden unconsciousness – If a person suddenly becomes unconscious, first of all try to bring him to consciousness, if he does not come to his senses then you may see the pulse of him, in such a situation he may need CPR.
  5. When the current is felt – if a person is electrocuted, then he should never touch it, but firstly you should remove any kind of current material around the person from any dry wood, and after that if CPR If needed, you can give it CPR

Apart from this, there can be many reasons for which a person may need CPR.

Important things to keep in mind before giving CPR

If you give CPR to any person, then before that you should take special care of some things, we are telling you some points, before giving CPR, it must be followed

  • First of all, you should check that place where you are giving CPR, that place is absolutely safe.
  • If that person is unconscious, you shake his shoulder and ask him if he is right.
  • If he is not conscious and does not give any answer, then you adopt this method
  • If you have any person, ask them to call for the ambulance immediately and ask someone to bring a defibrillator immediately.
  • Now follow all the instructions given in it, you have to give a shock to the patient.
  • Immediately after that you can start giving CPR to that person.

It is very important to follow these things before giving CPR so that you can avoid any kind of harmful side effects.

How to give CPR to children.

If the health of a child suddenly worsens, then the method of giving CPR to children from 4 months to 1 year is slightly different and such a situation is created due to mostly drowning or suffocation in children, for this you follow this method. 

  • First of all, you have to touch the child and see its reaction, take care that never moves the child vigorously.
  • If that child is not moving at all, then you can start giving him CPR.
  • First of all, sit down on that baby’s knee and press your baby’s chest up to 1.5 inches 30 times with your 2 fingers.
  • Now give that person 2 mouth breaths 

Now one thing has to be kept in mind that you have to give CPR to that person till they get the help of a doctor or the child becomes healthy or the baby starts breathing properly then you have to give him CPR. 

How to give CPR to the older persons.

Now we are telling you how to give CPR to an older persons so that you can give CPR to older persons also.

Chest clamp procedure
  • First of all, you put that person back on a flat place at any safe place.
  • Now you should sit on the knees of that person.
  • Now put one palm in the center of his chest and the other palm on the first palm and keep the elbow absolutely straight and your shoulders should be in line with that person’s chest.
  • Now, using the force of your body, you have to press and release his chest at least 2 inches and at most 2.5 inches and you have to do this 100 to 120 times in a minute.
  • If you do not know how to give CPR, then keep pressing that person’s chest until that person starts shaking or he or she gets the help of the doctor.
  • And if you know how to give CPR, then you press that person’s chest 30 times, after that you lift his chin so that his head will tilt backward, this will open that person’s respiratory pipe. 

In this way, you can save a person’s life by pressing the chest and for this, you adopt these methods

Breathing process 

If you want, you can save a person’s life even through the process of breathing, there are always 2 types of breathing, one is to give breath through the mouth and the other is to breathe through the nose if a person’s mouth gets damaged. If you have, then you can give him breath through his nose as well.

  • First of all, lift the chin of that person and close the nose of that person and start giving him breath.
  • Now for the first time you give that person a breath for a second and see if his chest is lifting up a little bit or not and if his chest is lifting up then keep breathing like this and if the chest does not rise up If you lift your chin up and give it a breath (never breathe too fast)
  • If possible, you should use a defibrillator and following the instructions given in it, give that person a shock of current and then start giving CPR by pressing his chest and after 2 minutes, give that person a blow once again.

In this way, you can easily give CPR to any infant or older person, and before giving CPR, you must take full training once, after that you should give CPR to any person so that you can give any type of any kind while giving CPR. Do not make mistakes.

Today we have given you information about what CPR Full Form is and how to give CPR and what is CPR, hope you will like it and if you want to ask any question related to this, then you will give us via comment You can ask and if you find the information useful, then share it on social media so that other people can also get information about it.


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