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Today we are going to give you information about what is EDI and what is EDI Full Form in this article, you will often hear about it many times but many people do not know much about what it is and how it works, then today we will tell you the complete information related to this in this article if you do not know it, then you should read our complete article to get its information.

edi full form

We often hear about many words, but most of them are words which we do not know much, then we are writing this article to tell you related information, even before we are writing about many such words. I have told you that in the same way, today we are giving you complete information about the EDI Full Form, often many people asked us questions about it, due to which our art of today Le has been written so that we can tell you all about it

You must have seen that we all use and listen to many words every day, but we do not know much about them, then through this blog, we keep telling you about different words every day like we are now We are telling you about EDI Full Form, in this we will tell you about the full name of EDI and what is EDI and its usage and how it is used.

EDI Full Form

First of all, we will tell you about the full name of EDI, which is its full name.

EDI Full Form – Electronic Data Interchange

Its full name is Electronic Data Interchange, but most people use this term only as EDI.

What is EDI?

It is a communication system through which data is transferred electronically from one computer to another and there is no need to do paperwork etc. to transfer data through it and there is no interference from anyone using it. Does not require

EDI is most commonly used in B2B e-commerce. Because it can be used to transfer a lot of data. For this reason, the data in it is organized in a bidirectional format.

Working of EDI

Now we are telling you about its functioning so that you can know about it.

1. First of all those documents or data have to be transferred, these are prepared and the data is collected and organized.

2. After that those documents are translated into EDI Format with the help of translators software.

3. When the documents are translated into EDI format then the documents are ready to be exchanged and at that time the business partner is connected and the documents are exchanged. it happens.

4. After that, this document remains in the recipient mailbox until it can process the mailbox document by looking at it.

Benefits of EDI

We are now telling you about its benefits so that you can know what are its benefits.

1. Due to the transfer of the document electronically, it takes very less time to transfer the document.

2. Due to its entire process on the computer, there is very less possibility of mistakes in it.

3. In this, the data can be exchanged very easily, which also reduces the technical complexity in it.

4. Data transfer can be done at a very low price in this.

5. You do not even need paperwork to use it

6. There is also a lot of accuracy to make any type of data exchange.

EDI components

Now we are telling you the details of its component one by one.

1. Trading Partners

Through it, agreeing to exchange business information such as data and documents etc. and medium to engage in various types of business activities, large organizations are considered part of this group. They do not need to convey complex hardware and software information, the translator is used to converting raw data to meaningful information, etc.

2 Translation Software

In this process, the documents or data to be transferred are first prepared and organized, then these documents are translated into EDI Format through translators software and when the process of translate is complete then document exchange ready to be

After this, we are connected to our business associate and through this, document exchange is done.

3 Communication

Transfer to document is done by HTTP, FTP, value-added services or point to point protocol communication.

This document remains in the mailbox until it sees or processes the document.

  • Modem – It is a network hardware device that transmits data from one computer to another.
  • VAN – VAN is Full Form Value Added Network and is a private network provider used to facilitate electronic data interchange etc. And this is a network that works to connect the organization’s computer to another.
  • Pint to Point – There is a direct communication link between two computers. It is used to establish a direct connection between two notes. And it connects directly to 2 routers of any other networking device.

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