GSM Full Form and What is GSM

In today’s article, we are going to give you information about GSM. Today we will tell what is GSM and what is GSM Full Form. If you do not know GSM, then our article today is going to be very useful for you and to get information about GSM, you should read our complete article so that you can get complete information about it.

gsm full form

You must have heard the name of GSM many times because this word is often used in many places but there are very few people who have knowledge about GSM Full Form and what GSM is and how it works because most people If we do not know about it, then our article has been written today so that you can get information about GSM.

You will know that we keep giving you information about different words every day, you can go to the homepage and read articles written about many other words, many people have heard about GSM, so this article today It has been written so that everyone can get the necessary information about GSM Full Form and GSM so that all people can get information about it.

GSM Full Form

First of all, we will tell you what the full name of GSM is and what is called GSM.


This is the full name of GSM. But people do not take its full name Global System for Mobile Communications, it is known only as GSM.

What is GSM and GSM Full Form

The idea of ​​GSM was first developed at Bell Laboratories in 1970. It is a mobile communications modem. It uses mobile communication systems widely around the world. GSM is open and cellular technology.

If you use mobile, then you will know that there are 2 features in your phone to accept sim card in mobile, one is CDMA and other GSM, in most phones you get the same feature of GSM because GSM accepts every type of sim. Due to this, you can use all types of sim cards in it.

CDMA is the phones of most sim card companies, due to which you can use only the sim that you have taken the phone, apart from this you can not use any other type of sim in it, but in GSM you can use every type Can use the sim card and it supports all sim.

Earlier the service of GSM was available in the single band but after seeing the interest of the people, later it was made available in dual-band, whose frequency level was 900 Mhz to 1800 Mhz.

Earlier any user used to use it, he had to spend money for both incoming and outgoing and if any user used to go to another country, then he would not have to show service, due to which those people do not use GSM in other countries. Due to this, a new facility was later provided by GSM, which was named GSM Tri-Band, and any user can use it in any country. Its network frequency is from 900 Mhz to 1900 Mhz.

History of GSM

If we talk about the history of GSM, then it is a huge history and in 1982, the European System of Mobile (GSM) was established at the European Postal and Telecommunications Administrative Conference (CEPT), its main objective was to make the mobile telephone system To develop a standard that can be used across Europe and 13 different countries signed it to develop the most common cellular telephone system in Europe. Was

In 1982, the GSM Group was formed to raise the standard of the Pen-European Cellular Mobile System.

In 1985, the recommendation list given by GSM Group was accepted.

In 1986, a field test was taken to select the best technology in its list.

The GSM System was validated in 1988.

In 1989, ETSI was given the responsibility to manage GSM (ETSI is Full Form – European Telecommunications Stranded Institute.)

Phase 1 of GSM was released in the year 1990.

GSM was commercially launched in 1991.

In 1993, GSM service was implemented in many different countries outside Europe.

GSM Phase 2 was released in 1995.

Given its convenience, the number of its customers also increased very rapidly and in 2004 it had one crore subscriptions.

Benefits of using GSM

There are many different benefits of using GSM, we are telling you about some of the benefits here, what can you gain from this.

# 1. GSM Mobile and Modem are available worldwide.

# 2. It is also considered very cheap because in this you also get limited free calling, cheap call rate, free SMS, etc.

# 3. In addition to good calling quality, it is also much more secure than CDMA.

# 4. You get all kinds of value-added services like GPRS, MMS, SMS, etc.

# 5. The consumption of battery on its phone is also low due to which the battery of your phone runs more.

# 6. Through tri based GSM you can use GSM anywhere in the world.

# 7. GSM also has international roaming facilities available.

# 8. Internet speed is very fast in GSM whereas CDMA is not able to provide such fast internet speed.

# 9. It is also very easy to maintain the network in GSM.

# 10. The biggest advantage of GSM is that it runs with the help of a sim card and you can use the sim of any company in gsm.

GSM Disadvantages

You have received information about the benefits of gsm but there are some disadvantages of using it, which most people are not aware of, we are telling you about the harm caused by it.

# 1. GSM has a much higher call rate than CDMA.

# 2. GSM can also tamper any added calls.

# 3. If your GSM sim is lost, then the call details, contact number, massage, etc. present in it also go away if you have not saved them in the phone device. 

# 4. GSM should not be used in places like airplanes, petrol pumps and hospitals as pulse-based burst transmission technology are used.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of GSM and also there can be many benefits or disadvantages which you should know about.

Why should use GSM

We are telling you about some points due to which most people prefer to use GSM.

# 1. All customers using GSM are provided with different time slots.

# 2. After the current calls are over in GSM, no other user can use it

# 3. GSM uses both TDMA and FDMA technology.

# 4. GSM users can easily track signals and they have to face very little problem like no signal.

# 5. GSM is much more flexible than CDMA because in this you can use your sim in any other GSM phone.

# 5. If there is a defect in the CDMA phone then you had to change the entire phone, but in GSM you can do your work by changing the sim if the phone is defective.

# 6. Internet speed in GSM is much higher than CDMA, so you can run the internet faster in GSM.

Calculation – We hope that you have liked the information about what is GSM and what is GSM full form and the advantages and disadvantages of using GSM, if you want to ask any questions related to this, you can comment on us. And if you like the information, then you must share it on social media so that other people can also get information about it.

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