IOS Full Form And What is iOS and How much is iOS Version

hello, today we are going to tell you about what is the iOS Full Form and what is called iOS and how much is the iOS version, you all must have heard the name of iOS many times and maybe you use this name many times. You might have also done, but do you know what its full name is and who is called IOS, if you do not know about all these, then today we are going to tell you the complete information about it.
ios full form
We all use many words every day, of which there are also many sort forms which we use and hear about them many times but most of those words are not known to us because most people use those words We use the same form, we do not know the full name of those words as IOS is used by many people but most people do not know that What is IOS Full Form?
Every day we keep telling you about some words, which you can read on our blog, many people often ask us questions about iOS, that’s why our article has been written so that we can give you IOS Full Form and Can tell you the information related to what is iOS and iOS version, etc.

IOS Full Form

Before revealing other information about iOS, we tell you its full name.
IOS Full Form – IPhone Operating System 
IOS will be an operating system which is also known as iPhone operating system or mobile operating system.

History of IOS

Now let us tell you about its history that when and how iOS was started, you all must know Steve Jobs because he is the founder of iOS when he was thinking of making iPhone, he had two options. For one, to make the make small and to make the iPod bigger, they met many people and got information about it and  Steve Jobs met every team who make and  iPod and later they Having decided to make iPhone iOS

And in 2007, the iPhone was launched with iOS. Initially, no third party was allowed to run applications on the iPhone. It was also successful in providing a platform for other developers and it was also very useful for make developers. It proved to be because they started making many different applications for the iPhone as well.

Initially, its application number was only up to 500 but later from 2008 to 2019, its number of applications exceeded 22 million.

IOS के Version

There are many different versions of iOS, each of which we are telling you about in this article, it will tell you how many versions of iOS are there.

iPhone OS 1.X

This was the first‌ version of apple that was launched in 2007, in which  Touch Centric System was introduced, then everyone said that Apple looks like the desktop operating system. 

iPhone OS 2.X

The iPhone company launched iPhone OS 2.X along with iPhone 3G in 2008 and earlier users who used iPhone OS 1.X could also upgrade to iPhone OS 2.X. Introduce was done with the new apps store so that all users could easily download the application to their iPhone or iPod.

iPhone OS 3.X

In 2009, it was launched by Apple company and it added some new features in the iPhone to its device like copy & paste and MMS, etc.

iPhone iOS 4.X

In 2010, the company announced its new operating system, which was renamed from OS to iOS, this was the first version that was not for all devices but could be downloaded to iPod touch user free. 

iPhone iOS 5.X

In 2011, Apple announced iOS 5 at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference event, which became available to all iPads after the iPod touch 3d generation. This operating system offered many features.
Such as –  Wirelessly Sync with Newsstand, iCloud, iMessage, Reminder and iTunes and camera from the lock screen. Accessing etc. were given its feature.

iPhone iOS 6.X

In 2012, a new version was released by apple named iOS 6, this version was released for iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5 generation and iPad 4, this version was supported for iPhone 3GS and above this update. In Google map and YouTube was removed from the default app, although users could download it from the app store and use it and Siri was improved with the capabilities.

iPhone iOS 7.X
In 2013, this version was released and it was released for the version made after iPhone 4 and version of iPod touch 5 generations and later version of iPad 2 and iPad Mini.
In this update, Apple had added some new features like – airdrops, multitasking ability with new camera interface and more search option in-app store, etc. 
iPhone iOS 8.X
In 2014, a new version of iOS 8 was announced by Apple, in which many more features were given to the user such as Readers view safari, family sharing, apple pay platform and UI Improvement, etc.
iPhone iOS 9.X 
IOS 9 was announced by Apple at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference event in 2015 and Apple made a number of improvements such as – facilitating 3D Touch Support in the iPhone 6S Family of Device and Passbook App was renamed Wallet. And widget notification etc.
iPhone iOS 10.X
The biggest update of this version was that it added the features of touch I’d home button by removing the features of the slide to unlock, in this the home app was introduced by Apple so that Homekit Enabled Home Automations Hardware could be controlled and In this, Third-Party App could also take advantage of Siri Assistance.
iPhone IOS 11
In this version, Apple introduced its operating system in the  Subtle Design Changes Interface, in which the text was bolder and the calculator and phone were given a new look, in which the lock screen and control center was completely redesigned. 
iPhone IOS 12
In this, Apple focused more on performance and quality improvement in its operating system and some new features like –  Screen Time, Group face Time, etc. were added to it.
These were all updates from the beginning of apple to date and its iOS version is released every year whereas the latest version of Apple  12.1, 12.2 is released in this way.
We have tried to tell you the complete information about IOS Full Form and what is iOS and iOS versions in this article, we hope you will like this information and if you like the information, then it should be social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. Also, share with your friends through 


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