VPN Full Form and How to Use VPN

Hello friends, today we are giving you information about VPN and today we are going to tell you what is the VPN Full Form and who is called VPN and how to use VPN in your PC or mobile today. We are going to give you information in this article, if you do not know about VPN, then you read this whole article, you will get complete information about VPN.

VPN Full Form

We all often use hundreds of sort forms that we do not know much about, but there are some words about which you are very important to know because sometimes you may need their full names. Only if you have information, you will be able to tell the full name of that word. VPN also happens in the same way if you do not know about VPN Full Form, then you should know about it. Electricity is necessary.

You may have seen many people using VPN or you may have heard the name of VPN many times or maybe you have also used VPN, but do you know what is the name of the VPN you use from VPN Full Form For related information, you should read our complete article so that you can know about it.

VPN Full Form

Before telling other information about VPN, we are telling you its full name so that you can know who is called VPN.

VPN Full Form – Virtual Private Network

This is its full name.

What is VPN?

It is a virtual private network and it allows any person’s network to be connected to any country server, through it any person can connect to any other country server and its main thing is As soon as you connect to the server of another country, you get the IP address of that country and your real IP address becomes hidden.

It is used in more government functions or in big companies because they have to transfer many important data from one place to another but for this hacker is the biggest problem so VPN is used to avoid hacker. 

By using VPN, you get a unique IP by hiding the real IP, due to which the hacker is not able to track your IP and your data is also protected and you must have seen that there are many websites that are banned in some country and If you are from that country and you want to open the website which is banned in your country, then you have to use VPN for that. 

Because through VPN you get connected to server of other country where that website is not banned and after that you can see that website etc. for as long as you want by using VPN of that country.

What are the types of VPNs?

There are 2 types of VPNs and both have different advantages which we are telling you about.

# Free VPN

This is a free VPN that is used by the most people and most people do not want to invest money in premium VPN, they use free VPN for this, but you get a lot of limitation due to which you can give VPN the way you want. Can not use it and if you talk about security then it does not get the same security as premium VPN

# Premium VPN

This is a premium VPN that you have to spend money to use, its charge is monthly or yearly, only after payment, you can use it, in this you get unlimited feature, due to which you can use it as you want. Can do it and you get complete security in it.

Advantages and disadvantages of using free VPN

First of all, we tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of using free VPN so that you can know whether you should use free VPN or not.

  • If you just want to open or see a ban website, then free vpn is right for you.
  • In this, you do not have to spend money at all, you can use free VPN lifetime.
  • In Free VPN you can have ads show again and again.
  • Some target countries are added to the free VPN only from which you can connect your device.
  • If your data is highly confidential, then free VPN can be dangerous for you because many free VPN company can also share your data to other user for their profit.
Advantages and disadvantages of Premium VPN

You have received information about Free VPN, now we are telling you some information about Premium VPN.

  • To use Premium VPN you have to spend money and its payment is monthly or yearly.
  • In this you get unlimited feature and you can connect your device from any country.
  • In this you do not show any kind of ads
  • It has taken full care of security, due to which your data remains absolutely safe.

How to use VPN in computer

First of all, you are telling about how to use VPN in your computer, if you want, you can also download VPN by downloading PC VPN software, but we will tell you the process of using free VPN of opera browser right now. Being free is also absolutely safe.

# STEP 1.

First of all, you have to download the opera browser in your PC and you can download and install opera from its official website before the link given below.
Opera Software Download Free

# STEP 2.

Now you open the opera browser and then click on menu and click on setting

# STEP 3.

Now you will get the option of security & privacy, you have to click on it, later you will get the option of VPN there and you can enable VPN by clicking there.

Now to check that the VPN has been activated successfully in your browser, you can check by opening any ban website in your browser, if that website is open then your VPN has been activated and you can use it.

How to use VPN in mobile

You have already learned about activating VPN in PC, now we are telling you about how to use VPN in mobile, so that you can use ‌vpn in your mobile very easily.

It is very easy to use VPN for mobile user because you will get thousands of VPN applications on the play store for mobile user, which you can install and use VPN in one click, follow this process to use VPN in mobile.

#STEP 1.

First of all you open the play store in your mobile and search the TouchVPN app in it.

#STEP 2.

On getting the TouchVPN app, you install it and later open the app. 

#STEP 3.

Now after opening the app, you will get the option to select the country, select the country you want to connect in it, then click on connect.

In this way, you can use VPN in mobile also, we hope that the information given by us is what is VPN Full Form, what is VPN called and you will be pleased if the information given about how to use VPN. If you want to ask any question related to this, then you can comment us and if you like the information, then share it on social media so that other people also get information about it.

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