What is Spam Backlink and Why is it Harmful for SEO?

Today we are going to give you information about Backlinks. Today’s article is about Spam Backlink. Today 99% of the blogs are upset with this problem and these links are so dangerous that even ranking websites like Google, Github, Wikipedia can be downright and can give a penalty to any website or blog. We will give you complete information about this in today’s article

whats is spam backlink

If I talk about my blog, at first it had very good traffic and 80% of us were in post high ranking, but my biggest mistake was that I did not pay attention to my backlinks earlier and was busy only in creating new Backlink but One day, suddenly the traffic of my blog decreased by 90% and the posts which were in the 1st position, the posts started to show later in 3-4 pages.

In such a situation, I first updated my entire blog, which took me several months, but it did not benefit me too much later I looked at my backlink, then there were thousands of backlinks in it, 99% of which were backlinks that I had not made, I thought maybe If all this happened due to the backlink, then I bought SEMRUS analyzed my backlinks in it, then I showed many toxic links, I started removing whatever toxic and spam links were there.

In a few months, my traffic started to recover slowly, then I came to know that all this was due to spam links, in such a situation, I felt that many bloggers are troubled by Spam Backlink and this is spoiling their blogging career. Today’s article is being written to give information only so that you can save your blog from ranking down from such backlinks.

What is Spam Backlink

Many people do not know what are spam backlinks, today we are telling you about which links that are considered spam links, if you create a new blog, then you do not have to face this problem like on If your traffic and rank starts to increase then your competitor generates Spam Backlink to reduce your rank.

I have seen many people, so they send thousands of spam links to any blog for just $ 10, they do not think how bad it affects the career of that blogger because there are many bloggers whose blogging would have saved their family. He is also one of them and due to his rank down, it directly affects the people of his family.

This is such a link that reduces the rank, traffic and income of any blog, because these backlinks are not useful for your blog in any way but they harm your blog due to spam links in your search engine. The image gets spoiled and gradually your rank starts down in the search engine.

Spam link is also called unnatural links, if you remove Spam Backlink from time to time then it is a very good thing and if ‌bad links are constantly being created on your website and you do not take any actions then you get a penalty from search engine. You can also remove your blog from the search engine.

What are the types of Spam Links?

Spam Backlink are of many ways and they are of different types, they are also called unnatural links, they are not useful in any way for your blog, they only harm your blog. Can.

  • High Spam Score
  • Page Not Found ( 404 Error )
  • Server Not Found
  • Site Not Available
  • Link Exchange
  • Paid Links
  • Software Generated Backlink
  • Low-Quality Backlink
  • Unrelated Backlink
  • Backlink From Penalize Website
  • Non-Indexing Site
  • Widget Links

All these links are considered spam backlink and it is not useful for your blog in any way, apart from this, many types of links are considered spam links.

You can check spam links with the help of premium tools like semrus, ahrefs, monitor backlink.

#1. High Spam Score

You must have seen that there are many sites whose spam score is very high, any kind of backlink you get from such a website is very dangerous, it increases the spam score of your blog as well as search engines like google like these links. Does not, you should remove such link soon

# 2. Page Not Found

If you see the backlink in google webmaster tools, then you also see the URL in it, if you open it in your browser, then you see 404 pages not found or server error or other such error and that URL is not open. Such backlink spam are found to be a backlink, they rank down fast.

# 3. Link Exchange

You must have seen many people exchange links to increase their backlink, in this 2 or more people give a backlink to each other, google does not like it at all. 

By doing this, as soon as Google finds link exchange then it can get a penalty from Google, never should make backlink from links exchange

4. Paid Links

Most people make a paid backlink to increase their ranking which is unnatural links and google does not like it at all, you can also get a penalty from Google for making a paid link, so never make paid backlinks

# 5. Software Generated Backlink

Backlinks that are created from software are called a software-generated backlink. This is 100% spamming and such backlink can get you a penalty and in doing so can also be removed from your blog search engine.

# 6. Low-Quality Backlink

To make a backlink in a short time, people always make a low-quality backlink. Low-quality links are not useful to you in any way, they often become due to guest posts, forums, profile links, etc.

# 7. Unnatural Backlink

If your blog is tech-related and you make a backlink from a food-related blog, then it will be called unnatural link or your blog is in English and you link to the Chines blog, then all of them are called unnatural links.

These link search engines do not like it at all, so removing these links is an option, otherwise, the blog may also get a penalty.

# 8. Backlink From Penalize Website

There are many websites and blogs whose page authority and domain authority are very high but they are banned from the search engine and they get google penalty in any way, making any kind of backlink from such a website for your blog. Is harmful.

# 9. Non – Indexing Backlink

Many websites are not indexed in the search engine and backlinks are not useful for you in any way, because if your link index is not there then you will not get any benefit, hence the meaning of making such backlink Waste time

You should avoid creating non-indexing backlinks because if you have more non-indexing backlinks on your site, you may get fined.

# 10. Widget Links

You must have seen that many links are added to HTML Coding or added to the widget like footer etc. Google does not like this type of backlink and you can get a penalty from search engines for making such backlink.

There are many types of backlinks that Google does not like, such links are also called spam links and unnatural links. You can get a penalty from the search engine for making such links, so you can make those types of links. Refrain from

How to Spam Link Disavow.

If you have too many spam links created on your blog, then you can remove them with the help of Google Disavow, for this, follow the procedure given to us.

  1. First, you need to open the Google Webmaster Tool 
  2. Now you have to click on the option of links and go to links download and download the latest link or sample link.
  3. Now you can check the manual link and past the spam link in notepad.
  4. Write the domain you want to delete domain: spaamdomain.com like this. 
  5. Now you save the file in .txt
  6. Now you have to upload the .txt file by going to google disavow tool.

If you want to disavow the ‌ domain, then you have to write Domain: spamurl.com in this way and if you want to disavow the URL, then you have to add a word to it by pasting the URL directly.

If your blog has too many spam link indexes, then you can disavow them by checking them through any premium tools like ahrefs, semrus, backlink monitor, etc.

It can also take Google from 1 week to 3 months to remove the backlink that you disavow, so you do not have to hurry in it and make a disavow file very carefully so that your useful backlink is not added to it.

In this way, you can remove bad link and unnatural Backlink from your blog, we hope that you will like the information given about spam backlink, if you want to share it with your friends then share via social media. Must do

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